Karaoke Wednesday’s

Did you ever feel like being the Star of the show? Well then come out to Paddy’s on Wednesdays and sing your heart out. Happy Hour ¬†from 2-8pm with drinks starting at just $3.25 and after that starting at 9pm…Read more

Thirsty Thurday

As if Happy Hour wasn’t good enough from 2-8pm with drinks starting at just $3.25 we now have 2 for 1 specials every Thursday night from 9pm-11:00pm!!! Danny is your Bartender every Thursday night and you well know she always…Read more

Church of Glamour Puss

It’s time for the return of “Glamour Puss”. She has been way putting together one of the best cast of entertainers ever. Church of Glamour Puss is the name of the show, and if you want to see it you…Read more

PADDY CON *** Cosplay

Paddy’s first ever PADDYCON. ¬†This might just end up being bigger than Comic Con. Ok that might be stretching it, but it will be just as much fun!!!!! Come dressed as your favorite character and get a FREE drink on…Read more