Karaoke Wednesday’s

Did you ever feel like being the Star of the show? Well then come out to Paddy’s on Wednesdays and sing your heart out. Happy Hour  from 2-8pm with drinks starting at just $3.50 and after that starting at 9pm…Read more

Thirsty Thursday $3.25 Happy Hour

Thursdays are proven to be very Social! Drink specials from 2:00 to 8:00 with All Well Drinks Starting At $3.50 With Bartender Timmy Free Jukebox 2-8 Then from 9:00 Till 11:00 Select Drinks Starting at $4.50 Two For One With  Bartender Danny!…Read more

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving Day Specials: Happy Hour Drinks Start at $2.00 Free Juke Box $3.25 Domestics Snacks & All Included Italian Potluck With Reservation/Invitation  

Thirsty Thursday Two For One

Happy Hour Prices & Free Jukebox with Bartender Timmy from 2-8pm with drinks starting at just $3.25 .      Bartender Danny Comes to stage with Paddys 2 for 1 specials from 9:00pm-11:00pm!!!      Dj Don Spins and wins the crowd Thursday night!!

The best ever Sunday Beer Bust

Koa and Timmy Serve Drinks Kevin and Crew Man the BBQ Beer Bust all Day from 4-8!!! $10 for all you can Drink Beer and Snacks After the Bust hang around for Karaoke with your superstar host Steve Sharp. So…Read more

Glamor the Stage For Last Sunday Karaoke in 2017!! Bring your friends! Bring your Moms! Bring your Talent and Your Great Voice!! This Sunday at 8:00 Is Karaoke With Steve & Devon!  

Bi Reds Christmas Show 2017

Starting at 9:30 pm Dj  Nick Dean